nedelja, 25. avgust 2013

Five things

My favorite people

As I mentioned before I wasn't  always sorrounded by kind and good people.  But the last 6 years I really feel that things started turning for the better and this makes me really really happy.
I think the only really good advice for happy and better life is to make good friendships. Friedns who really like you (for who you are, and not for maybe how you look, what you have and who you know) and respect you, and are there when you need them. My best friend is my boyfreind, I love and respect him very much. He is always there for me, help me if I am sick, or down because of a failed exam or something..  I share literaly everything with him. I have a few really good girl friends with whom I love to catch up, and chat about everything. A very important place in my life besides my boyfriend and friends takes my family. Altough we are not as close as I'd like us to be, we still have great moments together.

My dog

If I wrote this post a week ago I would write about two dogs. A little chihuahua girl and a medium size black dog, also a girl. Today I have just one dog, we had to put the black one, Aja (pronounced »Aya«), to sleep. I am still very sad L (She was actually my boyfriend's dog)
My little princess is around 2 and a half kg 'havy' dog, her name is Beauty. She is a very spoiled dog, because she spends almous all the time with my parents and they really don't have the heart to properly train her. She is still my little monster and she makes my day much more sunny as soon I see her.


If I always had a full bank account and a lot of free time I would always be around. Unfortunatly it's not like that.
I just love to trevel, see other places and get to know how other people live and their culture.
This year me and my boyfriend visited the Baltic countries and it was amazing. I live in 'central' Europe, and must say that north is great. If we think, that those are very young countries, and people were not so long ago living totally cut of from the rest of the world due to occupation.  I think it's worth taking the time and visit them.


When I was a liitle girl I was enjoying looking at my mom's closet. I just couldn't wait for time when I could wear 'grown up' clothes and high heels. 
Now I really enjoy reading about clothes, going over fashion shows and dreaming about having all this clothes in my closet. Maybe, one day :P

Sun and sea

Alotught I am not a very 'sea' person I love chilling on the beach with a good book, empty head, and a good beer. Yes, I love some beers! 

Love, P.

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