sreda, 16. oktober 2013

The fabulous fall

Why is time rushing so  fast? This year is going so quickly.  It is fall already, and in a blink of an eye it will be winter and Christmas, new year,…
I just want to share a few moments from my life in the past week.


One of the most signature fall’s feature  are definitely roasted chestnuts. They taste so good and bring all those good memories from the young years back to life.
Me, my boyfriend and his sister went in to the wood and got us some chestnuts (the weather was so bad that even the dog started crying and begging to go home). But it was so worth it. Later in the evening we roasted them outside. Along with it, we drank some homemade apple juice - can you imagine an even more cliché fall evening? Clichés are sometimes so nice.

Long walks in the woods

I just love walking around and have nothing in my head. Fall weather is so pleasant sometimes –however, it was not very often this year so it is necessary to use it for nice walks bulk up your body with some vitamin D before the cold and foggy winter.

Nice diner with best friends

Isn’t it a good feeling spending time with friends over good food and (optional) great wine? 

Love, P.

četrtek, 10. oktober 2013

Avocado face mask - Pamper Yourself Thursday

It is very nice to have a free evening to pamper yourself. Because I don’t usually have a lot of free time just for myself I love to use it properly. I decided to dedicate every Thursday to pampering and share my tips with you. So, you are reading my first official Pamper Yourself Thursday.


This magic green fruit is not useful just in the kitchen. Avocado is one of those fruits that can easily be used on skin. It is full of vitamins (A and E), calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, zinc and nourishing things that can help skin in so many different ways. Plus, it is budget friendly.
It is full of antioxidants which help fight against free radicals which attack your skin cells and cause it to age. And so by using avocado, we can say we can fight the time. Wow, how’s that for a superpower? ;)
It is also full of unsaturated fats which make wonders on oily, acne prone as well as on dry and sensitive skin. It is also suitable for male skin :P.
It provides skin with moisture and keeps it glowing and young.
I would like to share my recipe for great homemade face mask.
I love to use it on my face, but sometimes I add some sugar and use it as a scrub on my neck and chest.

You will need:
  • Half avocado
  • 1 table spoon of yogurt
  • 1 tea spoon of honey
  • Some lemon juice – if you have oily and acne prone skin
  • 1 table spoon of olive oil - if you have dry skin (I love to use olive oil in the winter time, when my skin needs something more to keep it moist because of cold weather.)

  • Squish avocado with fork than add all other ingredients.
  • Mix together.
  • Apply on clean and dry face and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse it off. Enjoy the younger you. :)

I should have  blended it better ...

Love, P.
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četrtek, 03. oktober 2013

What's in my bag

A lady’s bag is a place that is always full of surprises. Inside you can find almost anything.  When I’m choosing my casual and useful bag I always look for one that is big enough for all my essentials. I usually carry more things in my bag than Santa. :)

Here is a list of items that I always want to have with me:
  • Wallet – I have to put my card and money somewhere.
  • iPad mini – Small and handy computer is always good to have on hand. Because I am still a student, I love to have my notes beside me.
  • Lip stick or more of them. You never know when you will have to change your look.
  • Perfume – currently I love Chanel Chance. It is my favorite fragrance for quite some time.
  • Note book and a small pen – although I always carry my ipad I still can’t live without a proper note book. I love to make lists and write down my plans. It is such a good feeling when I can strike things that I’m done with.
  • Lip balm – It doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter, chapped lips can always get you.
  • Concealer – for covering up spots and other not so pretty stuff you don’t want everyone to see.
  • Mirror- can always prove handy.
  • Hair bands – I always have them in my bag or around my wrist. They saved me a million times.
  • Skin food – if I can find some space in my bag I always take skin food by Weleda with me. Because I have psoriasis I need to have a good moisturizing cream with me. This one is amazing for dry hands or even for dryness on my face.

I try not to forget to sometimes indulge myself and go somewhere and do something I can do without all crap from the big bag. I definitely not need all kinds of tools, for a nice evening out. 

Love, P.

torek, 01. oktober 2013


This is definitely not one of those products everyone writes about. About a month ago I decided that my skin needs some extra care because it was the end of the summer and it got a bit exhausted and not very nice. I picked up a few products and one of them was the Caudalie cleansing milk.
Cleansing milk hasn’t been a part of my skin routine for quite some time. I really don’t know why I picked it up, but it somehow attracted my attention.


The packaging is lovely. I like the fact that is in a container with pump so I don’t need to dig my finger in the product (which isn’t very common with cleansing milks anyway).


I did not know anything about this product before I bought it. Later on I looked it up online. 
The producer claims that this product removes make up from the face and eyes and that it is suitable for sensitive skin even for the eye area. It can be used with or without rinsing it off. This product’s best feature is its ingredients: no paraben, sulfates or other poisons.

My opinion

I have oily and sensitive skin. Because of that, many products can be very harsh on me. However I did not get any weird reactions and it didn’t give me any nasty pimples or anything.
I use it after I clean my face and before I put on moisturizer. In my opinion it is definitely not suitable for removing make up , especially around eyes. I tried it but it just did a huge mess on my face. 
I like to use it after I get rid of make up for the final touch and I like it because it is very moisturizing on my skin. I put it on a cotton pad and just swipe it on or use it like a cleansing balm and then rinse it off.

I read quite a few comments on product any many of them complain that it is thick, greasy any leave film on their skin. 
I did not get this feeling. It is maybe more on the thicker side but it works for me. It feels my skin smooth, lovely and in my opinion it is nourishing.

I’ve read this one is the new formula, but I can’t say anything about the old one because I never tried it.


  • It is a great product, well worth its money. It is not very expensive either, around 15€.
  • I can say it is working great for sensitive and oily skin.
  • It is not good at removing make up, especially mascara.
  • It is nasty things free – great!

Love, P.