četrtek, 03. oktober 2013

What's in my bag

A lady’s bag is a place that is always full of surprises. Inside you can find almost anything.  When I’m choosing my casual and useful bag I always look for one that is big enough for all my essentials. I usually carry more things in my bag than Santa. :)

Here is a list of items that I always want to have with me:
  • Wallet – I have to put my card and money somewhere.
  • iPad mini – Small and handy computer is always good to have on hand. Because I am still a student, I love to have my notes beside me.
  • Lip stick or more of them. You never know when you will have to change your look.
  • Perfume – currently I love Chanel Chance. It is my favorite fragrance for quite some time.
  • Note book and a small pen – although I always carry my ipad I still can’t live without a proper note book. I love to make lists and write down my plans. It is such a good feeling when I can strike things that I’m done with.
  • Lip balm – It doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter, chapped lips can always get you.
  • Concealer – for covering up spots and other not so pretty stuff you don’t want everyone to see.
  • Mirror- can always prove handy.
  • Hair bands – I always have them in my bag or around my wrist. They saved me a million times.
  • Skin food – if I can find some space in my bag I always take skin food by Weleda with me. Because I have psoriasis I need to have a good moisturizing cream with me. This one is amazing for dry hands or even for dryness on my face.

I try not to forget to sometimes indulge myself and go somewhere and do something I can do without all crap from the big bag. I definitely not need all kinds of tools, for a nice evening out. 

Love, P.

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