torek, 20. avgust 2013

F*** Psoriasis

The first reason why I created this blog is because I want to get to know as many people as possible with simmilar problems that I have. I have psoriasis.
I won't explain what it is. If you've read this far, I'm sure you already know. And you also know that the effect is far more severe on the psyche than on the body.

For me it all began about 8 years ago when I pierced my belly button. Initially it all looks great and I was very happy. After a few weeks I got a  humongous rush on my belly. I know I shold have seen a doctor immediatley, but I didn't. I tried to get rid of my rash with a variety of pharmaceutical creams. Unfortunately, they didn't help at all. Because it began to spread and became very itchy and ugly I finally decided to see a doctor. I was diagnosed with eczeme and got a creame that should help me. But it didn't. About 4 years later I finally visited a dermatologist. It is psoriasis, he said.
I was shocked (whattt!?!?!? I can't have this??!). I knew a few things about this skin desase because my schoolmate had it. So I knew ther is no cure for it and it looks ugly.
I began to wonder if will it spread around all my body. What would people think? Will people be disgusted by me???
Because I had never been confident enough, this diagnose affected me in a very bad way. For a very long time I didn't tell anyone about it. But when it spread on my elbows, I couldn't hide it enymore. For a short time I tried to wear long sleeves but when the summer came, it became impossible.

When people notice that I have rashes on my elbows, they always think that I fell or scratched myself. They just can't help themselves asking (sometimes in disgust) what is wrong with me.
At the begining I felt very vulnerable when people asked me what it was. Sometimes I tried to avoid giving them the answer, sometis I said 'oh, it's nothing, just a scar' and when I was I in a very good mood I told them that this is psoriasi (AND that it's not contagious).

Now, a few years later, I'm still trying to learn how to explain that psoriasis is not a big deal. I still have bad days when I am not in the mood for explaning and I just say 'it's psoriassis – google it'.
I will probably neeed some more time and positive energy to deal with this condition completely.

And what can I say about treatments that I have tried?
Well I tried a few different creams with corticosteorids and many more without them, unfotrunally with no parmanent effect.
I know that healthy food and stress-free life can help and reduce rashes, but naturally I tend to get stressed often about insignificant things, which is maybe a good topic for my future blogging.J
This, unfourtunately, reflect on my rashes, they get worse significantly.

I read a lot about psoriassis, but I still don't feel I know a lot.
I would like to get to know as many people as possible with the same problem, and learn how you deal with them.

I decided to deal with this devil once and for all, even if the rashes don't dissapear. I'll just learn to say f**k it and live with them.

P.S. If I try any new medicines for psoriassis, I'll give you a review.

Love, P.

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