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Because Friday the 14. Of February was Valentine’s Day, it would not be appropriate to write about healthy food and fitness.
Yes, I did go to the fitness club, but then my fiancé took me to a gorgeous restaurant in Ljubljana, which also happens to be one of the best in our country. I would love to share some pictures of the food, but I am afraid that we did not have the time or the patience to take them. We were hungry, and the food was magnificent! Maybe not the healthiest, but on some days – who cares!? What’s the point of being fit and hot if you don’t afford yourself some decadence from time to time? It is all about the balance. Everywhere, not just with food. Some authors even claim that putting crap into your body, BUT ONLY OCCASIONALY, actually boosts one’s metabolism. Go figure… what a nice excuse. J
Bottom-line is that we had an amazing evening and who wants to count calories on a beautiful evening.

As far as fitness is concerned, I would love to put some pictures before/after on my blog, but I am still a bit unsure because my belly in not looking the best – I have a big psoriasis rash on it.

About my wedding planning ...

Planning wedding is quite a lot of work. I thought it would be easier. Because we will have a small wedding with our relatives and closes friends I thought that everything will be sorted out very quickly. I guess I was wrong.
Until now we have found and booked the restaurant. Because we both love good food and wine we made sure that we don’t have to worry at least about that. Testing day was great, and some connoisseurs even say, that should there ever be a Michelin guide for Slovenia, this restaurant is one of the first in line for the stars. Jummy!!
I don’t wish to spend a huge amount of money for my wedding dress, so I was thinking of ordering it from China. Have any of you got any experience with Chinese custom made dresses?

I will make invitations myself. I think it is nice to put something personal in it. I found a few nice and chick designs but I am still not decided what to do.
Did you make the wedding invitations yourself? Where did you find ideas?

Honeymoon ...

We would love to go to Thailand.  Because we have never been everywhere outside Europe we think it’s time. For now we found that the plane tickets are quite expensive and that the country is very pleasant and a lot different from Europe.
Have you ever been to Thailand? What do you think is the must see/must do there?

About my dog..

Do you remember my little puppy post back from October? The little monster is now almost grown up, but still small. She has such an amazing and naughty character. A typical bulljack.

Love, P.

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