torek, 11. februar 2014


Hello, lovely people, long time no see:)
As those of you might have noticed, I kind of disappeared some time around October. I wouldn't exactly say I had nothing to write about, I was just setting my priorities straight. Plus, I got engaged.:)

One of my new year's resolutions of 2013 was to start blogging. I managed to post my first post somewhere around the end of the summer and then it took me three months to put everything on pause. This year’s resolution is to re-start my blogging. As you can see it only took a month to move my ass this time. Woohoo:D

I just want to share some random stuff with you today.
So far, 2014 seems like it will be “the big year” for me because I’m getting married in the end of the summer. But until then, some 'very important' things have to be done.  And it just happen to be, that they are blogging-friendly and should give me a lot of topics to write about.
As almost every girl knows, a wedding is the ultimate look good/feel good day, so I thought I might as well embrace this stressful year to kick myself in the (sometimes lazy) behind and get going!
So far, I joined the fitness club and  got myself in a much better shape already, started cooking and eating better and got myself completely off alcohol. So far, so good. J

So this blog (at least until september) is now officially dedicated to general fitness, good looks, good (and healthy) food, and of course wedding planning with saving advice.

What do you think about the master plan?

Love, P.

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  1. Sounds like a plan to me! I'm trying to cook a little healthier and work out...I haven't kicked alcohol yet, I still like to share a cocktail on Saturday with the hubby, but I am trying everywhere else! Congrats!