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I'm absolutely confident that each girl in this world has a few make up products that she would not want to live without. I'm not wearing make up every day, partially because I am to lazy to do it if I have a day off at the weekend, partially because I want to let my skin breathe and have some rest.  In days when I want to still look very naturall, but in a better way I will use just a few really basic make up product to give myself a bit of colour and of course to fell more confident. Here is the list of my must have make up products.


For me, mascara is the most esential beauty product. It makes me look soo much more 'alive', it opens my eyes and makes the bigest change on my face. I especialy love mascaras that add volume, lenght and thickness to my lashes.
I am currentley using Maybelline »The Rocket« and I am enjoying it. It's a great »budget friendly« mascara that makes my lashes much thicker. It is a bit on a clumpy side and it does not do a very good job lenghtening the lashes, but this is just my opinion.
What can I say about staying power? It's ok, I have rather oily skin and it works ok, I can wear it all day long without smudging (as you can see, I am using the non water proof version).
The price is some 10€ which is great. But I have to add, I prefer Maybelline Falsies and I will repurchase it as soon as this one runs out.


This product is almost as important as mascara. I love to line my eyes, whether it is just a simple line to frame my eyes a bit for the day time, or maybe a more dramatic line for the night time. The eyeliner can make (along with mascara) a whole difference on the face.
For every day use I just line my upper eyelid and smuge it a little along my lower lid.

The one I presently use a brand named Bourjois and it is the simplest black one. If you are willing to pay a bit more, I recommend the Lancôme Le crayon Khol in black.


I can live without foundation and powder (conditionaly), but I can NOT live without a concealer. I like it when my skin look as natural as possible, so I don't like to put on a thick pile of make up and cover it completley. When I have a good skin day, I just conceal the imperfections where neccessary and that is it. I love to use the Bourjois Halthy Mix concealer, and it is great. It looks great on the skin and on top of it it is very affordable (I think it is under 10€). I love the packaging. It comes in the tub which makes it more hygienic than doe foot ones.

It is a great product and it can easily be comparable with more expensive concealers.


Because I am more on the paler side I love to add some colour to my skin. I love love love my Frankley Scarlet blush from Mac. As you can see it is definitely not a very modest colour, it is so poppy and bright that it's almost scary to put on the cheeks. I am sure it looks grat on the darker skin tones, but I am pale and it looks awesome. If you are pale, I recomend to use it really really little. I dip my brush into the product, then use it on my hand and the last step is my face. It gives me the natural blush that makes me look healthier and... happy.
Mac products price tag is a bit steep, but i think it is worth the price.


Last product on my top five product list it has to be something for my brows. Nice eyebrows really make a difference. They frame the face and add the final tuch to your make up. I was deciding between a pencil and gel. I think gel is better for me because I am pretty happy with my brows. Even though I have naturally orange hair I have brown eyebrows and I don't have freckles which makes me a very weird ginger:P
But I love to put something through my eyebrows. Gel really does the job, it defines the brows and »puts them in their place«. I only use the clear one from the local drugstore. I found out that this one (and it is really cheap – Catrice, the price is about 3€) isn't any worse that other, more expensive ones. It does the job, and that is the only thing that matters.

That is the list of my essential make up products.  Did you try any of these products? If you did, what do you think about them? What are your favorite make up products? 

Love, P
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  1. I want that blush! It looks so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing this at "That's My Style" Link Party!!! You made my day. I do hope you'll join in again. I can't wait to see what you have to share this week. :)

    Karla @

  2. I have only used mascara a couple times my whole life and pretty sure I failed lol! Practice makes perfect right?! Thanks for sharing on Sunday FUNday!